“I’ve known Gyani in a professional capacity for over 10 years. He’s placed me into two positions, and later on, I hired folks that he brought to me. There are some recruiters who are in it for the short-haul, with no follow-up and no internal integrity. That’s not Gyani. And his follow-up is amazing, especially when you’re the hiring manager, because frankly, towards the end of a year, things are hectic, and it takes that kind of follow-up to make things happen. I look forward to continuing to work with Gyani in the future.”

Mike P., Director of Sales

“I recently engaged the services of Gyani to assist me with my hiring needs. His professionalism, attention to detail and diligence with every aspect of his work is top notch. He took the time to understand my needs, the details of the position I needed to fill and focused on providing me with only highly qualified candidates. I would highly recommend Gyani for any recruiting assignments.”

Oliver B., Director of Sales

“Gyani did a great job of synthesizing our profile requirements and sourcing top-tier candidates who fit the profile. He’s got deep domain expertise in software sales in the Western region, thus he has the ability to leverage his rolodex and rapidly deliver a strong pool of candidates. Gyani runs a tight search process from initial candidate screen to final interview and offer negotiation. Net-net – if you’re hiring software sales reps, Gyani is one of the best!”

Greg B., VP Sales

“Gyani is a fantastic recruiter. He worked incredibly hard in finding me my current position. I found him to be diligent, personable and professional. I would definitely utilize his services again in my next job search.”

Katie A., Account Executive

“Gyani Richards is an exceptional recruiter that provides top quality candidates for presales and post sales positions.”

Clarke A., Director of Sales Engineering

“Gyani is a top-notch recruiter who I’ve worked with for many years, and the first person I call when I’m in the market. He works extremely hard to get you set up with only companies that are relevant to what you’re looking for, communicates very effectively in both directions, and gets results. I’ve recommended him to a number of my colleagues, and will continue to do so in the future.”

Rashmi J., Senior Sales Engineer

“I wouldn’t think of searching for a job without consulting with Gyani first. He is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever worked with and is highly respected in the Silicon Valley. He takes the time to understand the goals and needs of everyone he represents. I trust his opinion and have relied on his experience to help me choose the best opportunities for me. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Doug R., Senior Account Manager

“Gyani understands the software industry and the needs of hiring managers. He is respectful of everyone’s time on several levels and provides great results.”

Rich C., VP Sales

“Gyani has proven to be one of the best recruiters I used over the years. He really does a great job understanding my requirements and presents ONLY relevant candidates.”

Dan H., VP Sales

“Gyani is an excellent recruiter. My initial in-depth conversations with Gyani helped to clarify exactly what kind of opportunity I was looking for so he could present companies that would be of interest to me from the get go. He didn’t waste time presenting companies that did not fit the profile. His knowledge of the companies he presents gives you an excellent chance to learn some insightful information that will help with the interview process. Gyani has helped me and many of my colleagues throughout the years.”

John C., Senior Account Executive

“I have known Gyani for several years. During that time Gyani has helped me staff my teams in more than one organization. Gyani is reliable, extremely helpful, and delivers on his commitments. Gyani delivers a higher class of service than some recruiting firms. He isn’t looking at recent job board postings. Instead, he is in close with major companies and quality candidates alike. He has an amazing skill of bringing the best fits together. He is fantastic to work with.”

Jeff A., Director of Sales